The Best Dating Websites of 2015

There are thousands of dating sites online today, with millions of Americans using them to find their match. But, which is a good one for you to try? It can be puzzling and discouraging to try to find your way through the maze of online dating. Our experts have taken a look at the top dating sites, and rated them based on a carefully selected set of standards. Here are the results....

Simple to use, very popular now star  star  star  star  half-star
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Simple layout, lots of singles star  star  star  star  no star
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The largest number of users star  star  half-star  half-star  star
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Very proud of their computerized matching star  star  star  star  star
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For Daters over 50 star  star  star  star  star
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Christian Matchmaking star  star  star  star  no star
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Where to meet another single parent star  star  star  star  no star
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The Top Jewish Dating Site star  star  star  star  no star
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For Casual Connections star  star  star  star  no star
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Old school matchmaking star  star  star  no star  no star
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How to make a killer profile

We all want that perfect profile, but how to highlight and embellish without being misleading?
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Is it worth paying for?

With so many free dating sites, it is worthwhile to join a site that you pay monthly to use? Listen to what this commenter has to say....
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How to make the first date

You found that guy or girl who really has you interested. What now? How do you go about meeting them in a fun and safe way?
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How important is that perfect match?

A lot of people can become too particular when searching for a match online. They often have unreasonable expectations for how perfectly a potential match must fulfill their expectations of being a "Perfect Match". Instead, they should consider that a person they meet online should only be held to the same standards as a person you meet in a local bar. You should not think "Is this person perfect for me" but instead "Is this person appealing to me?".
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Red Flags in online dating

It is unfortunate, but some people use online dating services as a way to find a "secret lover" that they hide from their friends, coworkers, relatives, or even worse... their spouse. It common to want to spend time alone with a potential date, but if your online match always wants to meet in secret out of the way places, never seems to introduce you to their friends, or even wants to avoid going out in public at all, then you should consider that maybe something you do not like is actually going on.
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Is online dating for me?

You work a lot, your time is valuable, and often you find that by the time you get home from work, run a few errands and eat, you are too tired to get out into town again to look for a guy/gal that you like. Enter the notion of online dating. They are in some ways an extension of the "Personal Ads" from newspapers of yesterday, but with the increased ability to contact the other person while maintaining anonymity until you are ready to share your personal information. Heck, you can even chat live with the other person without them ever knowing where you live!

WHICH dating site is for me?

The many dating sites available today make the decision of which one to use very confusing. Some sites are organized on religious basis, ethnic basis, geographical locale etc. There are sites that specialize in various fetishes, sexual orientations etc. The first thing to consider is just what you really really want in a match. If you want someone who is of your faith, then you possibly should consider such a website. If you are mainly interested in someone from your social and demographic group, then you might consider one of the computerized matchmakers.

Some Tips

Use a good photo

Your photo is the first thing people inspect in your profile. Try to use a photo that impresses, as if you are interviewing. Keep the background simple, avoid too many other people in your photo, and if possible show yourself doing some activity you like.

Make your profile detailed

Vague or deceptive profiles will always backfire. When the person you meet realizes that you do not match your online profile, bad karma usually follows!